This is Game & Net, a little portfolio/blog/experiment site I run. I'm a software engineer with three years of experience building game control systems. Primarily, this site hosts content I've created - my models, game designs, and other things I'm allowed to post - including my resume. These are the areas my experience is mostly focused in: 


Building websites with PHP, mySQL, CSS and others related 


Unity3D - Building game prototypes and concept shots, 

with modelling in Blender

Using modern Javascript and HTML5 to enhance websites,

create new systems and create Canvas-based game projects


I also use Flash and Actionscript 3 for some projects. Overall, I work almost every day to learn new technology - or create something using a collection of tools.  I use Blender for creating 3D models, Photoshop CC (or other versions) for tools, FlashDevelop - and others to create the software I've built so far.

 - Teonnyn

Happy New Year!
2015-12-06 - Game - Barren Systems
Gotten the site for a new game largely set up, along with most of the basic player art - mostly top-down and a forward profile. #gamedev
2015-12-01 - Projects
Okay, I almost forgot to connect the /Project display system but just now added it in. Whoops. For the moment, it includes a brief on this website.
2015-11-30 - Live!
I believe this site can finally count as 'live'. I've added in pretty much all of the features I've wanted for now, and everything seems to be working the way it all should.
2015-11-28 - Search
Decided to remove the search feature for now, this blog isn't actually quite yet big enough for it - though I'll add it in when it gets to that point.
2015-11-28 - Pagination
Okay, so that "should"? have pagination working. So next up, I've got to get Search working - but I'm not really sure what it should search. It's present and ought to work, however should it search the pages of the blog or the posts I make?
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