Development Time: 7 Weeks, including design phase from October 12th, 2015 to November 30th, 2015

A fully custom-designed website based on CakePHP. This project was started about October 12th to fill the need of a personal portfolio website, and was designed to host both a project brief and a gallery system, as well as a micro-blog setup that can connect and post to Twitter. The project has taken seven weeks to complete, most of which has been occupied by learning CakePHP and it's systems - as well as the design phase which lasted four weeks total.

Ongoing improvements will be made to and the underlying systems. At the moment, it hosts these features:

  • Registration and Users (Disabled)
  • User Access Control
  • Category System 
  • Image Uploading to Galleries
  • Image Management
  • Advanced Posting with TinyMCE
  • Dynamic Page System
  • Dynamic Menu System


Technology used in

  • CakePHP
  • PHP
  • mySQLi
  • Javascript
  • Linux Stack

 The current design is actually the third tested, all built to be used on mobile as well as a wide-screen layout. Two previous designs focused on a more user-based layout and one that imitated the way Reddit's design worked. After trying both, neither really worked towards pure information display so this particular template was developed.